The New Economy on the Couch

Noted Psychiatrist-Business Consultant Speaks on “Psychoanalysis and the New Economy”

Cites consultant Kerry J. Sulkowicz

Kerry J. Sulkowicz, M.D., a psychiatrist and management consultant, will be speaking on “Psychoanalysis and the New Economy” at St. Vincent’s Hospital and Medical Center in New York City on Thursday, September 14 at 11:00 am.

Dr. Sulkowicz, a psychoanalyst and President of The Boswell Group, LLC, will be putting the New Economy on the couch, and analyzing some of the underlying effects and meanings of the Internet on contemporary culture in general and the world of business in particular. He will address these critical issues, among others, in his talk:

  • Psychological effects on society of the Internet, including the pros and cons of the loss of inhibition that comes with email and web-based communication.
  • Unbridled narcissism of many current business leaders, and the relationship between childhood trauma and unusual success.
  • Impact of the New Economy on corporate and childhood creativity.
  • The Internet’s darker side, including how it can foster widespread paranoia.
  • Fantasies that “anything is possible,” even in the wake of the Internet stock crash.
  • Why we idealize New Economy moguls like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos.

“The Internet, at the heart of the New Economy, is everywhere,” says Dr. Sulkowicz, “and my aim is to try to understand what it means to us and how it is changing us.” His lecture, at Grand Rounds, will also introduce the audience to a new application of psychoanalytic science to management consulting. He will describe how executive coaching using a deeper, psychoanalytic approach can provide business leaders with unrivaled psychological skills to enhance their effectiveness as CEO’s and managers. His consulting has also been highly effective in working with Internet entrepreneurs, family businesses, traditional management consultants and executive search firms.

Dr. Sulkowicz is the founder of The Boswell Group, LLC, a consulting firm that focuses on the psychology of management and leadership ( He is Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry at New York University School of Medicine, and on the Faculty of the NYU Psychoanalytic Institute. In addition to his consulting work, Dr. Sulkowicz is in private practice in Manhattan. He was a Chief Resident in Psychiatry at Bellevue Hospital Center and NYU Medical Center. A graduate of Harvard College, he received his M.D. from the University of Texas.

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