Senior Team Dynamics Consulting

Boswell Group consultants conduct in-depth, interview-based 360-degree assessments of senior management teams, focusing on the quality and effectiveness of leadership, and the interactions among members of the team. These assessments are designed to elicit constructively critical individual feedback for senior team members including the CEO, as well as providing a composite picture of the dynamics of the entire team. These assessments focus on the nuances of leadership behavior, including interpersonal skills, communication, collaboration, open-mindedness and self-awareness. The data is derived from confidential, psychologically informed interviews with each member of the team, as well as direct observation of the management team and immersion in the corporate environment and culture. The ensuing consulting work addresses the ability of the team to work towards a common purpose, to follow the imperatives of the CEO, to engage in open and direct discussion and debate, and to think and collaborate creatively. Apparent or hidden obstacles to more optimal functioning need to be uncovered and understood in order to remove barriers to higher performance.