CEO Succession

Boswell Group consultants advise Boards of Directors throughout the process of CEO succession. Sometimes this begins by serving as a sounding board during the complex and often painful decision to remove a standing CEO, and then helping the Board make the change in as clean and decisive a way as possible, minimizing disruption to the organization while also helping “save face” for the outgoing leader. In other cases, the consultant helps shepard the board through a planned leadership transition. A particular area of expertise is in transitions from founder-led businesses to the next generation of professional leadership. Boswell Group consultants assist the Board with the selection of a new CEO, assessing the finalists brought forward internally, or externally by the retained executive search firm, from the perspective of the personality and cultural fit for the organization. Essentially, Boswell Group consultants serve as an “insurance policy” for the Board, helping it choose the right CEO at that particular point in the company’s life cycle, and then often working with the new CEO in an advisory role to help him or her assimilate into the organization, shape a new management team if necessary, and hit the ground running.