CEO Advisory Services

Boswell Group consultants serve as advisors and confidants to CEOs on the issues and challenges they rarely, if ever, can discuss with anyone else. The nature of the CEO role is one filled with constant uncertainty and ambiguity, and an inevitable degree of isolation and loneliness. Along with the necessity to take decisive action and make hard, strategic choices, leaders also need to be able to take some time to reflect on the psychology of their business and understand the dynamics of their management team and board, their own evolving leadership challenges, and the culture and mood of their organization as a whole. There are significant advantages to discussing sensitive aspects of corporate life with a skilled outsider who is not a part of the ongoing interpersonal dynamics of an organization, and who brings a psychodynamic perspective to bear on these issues. These conversations, which generally continue for the duration of the CEO’s tenure, are held in strictest confidence and offer the corporate leader an opportunity to gain new perspectives on the human dimensions of their work and the psychological forces impinging on their leadership and on their businesses as a whole.