Boswell Learning Groups and
Leadership Seminars

Inspired by more than 20 years of collaborative learning and successful client advisory work, the Boswell Group has developed a distinctive approach to leadership and organizational life based on psychodynamic concepts of human growth and development.  These powerful tools for understanding individual and group behavior have opened up previously unrecognized avenues for change in our client organizations, and we often encounter leaders and practitioners who are eager to learn more about the way we work.  We are excited to announce  new offerings to address those interests – Boswell Learning Groups and Leadership Seminars – beginning this fall.   

These groups will offer participants the opportunity to learn about our psychodynamic systems approach to organizations while gaining insights and tools to apply in their own work. Each group will provide a mix of experiential and conceptual learning and will help participants develop a compelling new point of view on effective leadership, organizational culture, team functioning, and other pressing organizational issues.

We are excited by the prospect of connecting with a diverse array of leaders and practitioners, as we believe there is great benefit from sharing more about the psychological underpinnings of organizational functions (and dysfunctions) in this way.

Please take a moment to explore the different options available, below.  Clicking on any group link will connect you with its facilitator(s) who welcome your questions and interest.

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Transitioning into Senior Leadership

Managing the Dynamics Challenges and Dilemmas of Assuming Leadership


HR & People Leadership

Utilizing Psychodynamic Thinking for the Challenges of People Leadership


Psychoanalytic Practitioners- Consultants and Therapists

Thinking Psychoanalytically About Leadership & Organizations