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A New Boswell Learning Group for HR Leaders

INSPIRED BY MORE THAN 20 YEARS of collaborative learning and successful client advisory work, the Boswell Group has developed a distinctive approach to leadership and organizational life based on psychodynamic concepts of human growth and development.  We are excited to now share this approach with our latest offering, a new Boswell Learning Group designed for the unique needs of Human Resources leaders.

Facilitator: Ana Perea

Participants: HR leaders

Format: Six, confidential, 90-minute virtual meetings, 10 participants*

Schedule: November 2023 – April 2024, first Wednesday of the month 1:00-2:30 PM EST

Fee: $4000 ($2000 non-profit rate)

Increasingly, Human Resources leaders are poised to affect and support their organizations in ways that they have never encountered before.  The pressures of rapid decision making, profound human complexity, and intense disruption to working norms have asked more of these leaders than ever.  This moment has also opened up new possibilities for people leadership that is requiring a sophistication and evolution in how we think about leading in this space.  In this learning group, senior HR leaders will learn to work as ‘internal consultants’ to their organizations and develop an appreciation for how a psychoanalytic approach can meaningfully illuminate and strengthen their ability to lead.

Applying this unique and compelling perspective, participants will learn to explore and understand their experience in a new way that they can apply to their most sensitive and vexing leadership challenges.

The group will offer –

–  Attention to the unique challenges of participants

–  Tools for effectively advising senior leaders

–  Tactical approaches that can be utilized for present-day demands

–  The creation of a work plan to sustain important gains and insights

–  A 1:1 coaching session for firsthand experience of psychodynamic consultation

To enroll or for more information, please contact Ana Perea at