How To Cope With Losing a Big Account

By Kerry J. Sulkowicz
Featured on BNET Insight | BNET Blog

There are few career events more devastating than losing a big account. This short video (featuring Dr. Kerry Sulkowicz of the Boswell group) describes exactly how the sales team can recover more quickly and hopefully learn something from the experience.

Here’s a summary:

  • Loss of the account can feel devastating.
  • The leader must act quickly.
  • Tell the truth about the impact.
  • Figure out what really went wrong and why.
  • Treat it as an organizational loss.
  • Don’t cast blame or find scapegoats.
  • Refocus on new activity as soon as possible.

Full Disclosure: I write for SellingPower magazine, the producers of this video, which also has a distribution agreement with BNET for video content.