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Steven S. Rolfe, M.D.

Steven S. Rolfe M.D. is Managing Principal of Merion Advisory Group LLC, a Philadelphia area consulting firm based on creating solutions to complex leadership challenges, management conflicts, and leadership transitions. Addressing the most personal and interpersonal dimensions of business life, Merion works to develop self-reflective, adaptive, CEO’s, leaders and teams.

In founding Merion Dr. Rolfe has combined a unique set of experiences-medical, psychiatric, and psychoanalytic training, senior administrative position in a corporate health care environment, family business advising, clinical work with executives at all levels of the corporation, and individual and team coaching with an international focus-to create a consulting practice which addresses a leader’s core emotional concerns, often the main drivers of organizational and business decisions. His approach offers his clients a trusted confident who engages them in practical conversations on the dynamics and challenges of leadership and other aspects of corporate life that often cannot be discussed with anyone else inside or outside the organization. His primary expertise in human behavior, motivation and conflict management encourages leaders to be more effective and productive by enabling them to better understand and reflect on their priorities and behaviors. Merion works to develop the psychological acumen of top management as they lead, strategize, and negotiate on behalf of their company.

Dr. Rolfe is an Executive Coach in the Wharton Leadership Program, Executive Coaching and Feedback Program. He has been Senior Associate for the Kets de Vries Institute based in Paris and London. His global consulting experience includes coaching for the World Economic Forum’s Global Leadership Fellows Program. He has been a group executive coach for NGO’s with Insead’s Global Leadership Center(IGLC). In his work with CEOs he facilitates a three times yearly retreat for executives in the business media space. He works in association with The Tomorrow Group and Jacobs Law Group conducting board evaluations for public and private companies.

Dr. Rolfe earned his Certificate in Family Business Advising from The Family Firm Institute(FFI)and is a board member of FFI Mid-Atlantic Chapter. He is Co-Chair of the American Psychoanalytic Association’s Committee on Corporate and Organizational Consultation. He is a member of the the Board of Trustees of the Rosenbach Museum and Library in Philadelphia.

He has been Principal of the Boswell Group LLC for the last ten years. In this role he advises CEO’s, corporate directors and other senior business leaders on psychological and interpersonal aspects of management and leadership. He has worked with investment professionals, equity, derivative and bond traders, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, corporate attorneys, and leaders of nonprofit institutions. His clientele represent a wide range of fields, including finance, real estate, law, entertainment, medicine, engineering and pharmaceuticals. A current focus has been working in the health care sector coaching physicians and executives in health care and pharmaceutical companies and start-ups with a medical focus.

Dr. Rolfe received his B.A. in Comparative Literature from the University of Pennsylvania and his M.D. at Tufts University School of Medicine. He completed Adult Psychiatry training at Tufts University Affiliated Hospitals, and a Child Psychiatry Fellowship at McLean Hospital in Belmont, Massachusetts, where he was Clinical Instructor in Psychiatry at the Harvard Medical School. He completed psychoanalytic training at the Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia, where he is currently a faculty member. He was previously Director of the Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia’s Adult Psychotherapy Program and Division of Consultation and Evaluation Services. He is a member of the American Psychoanalytic Association and the American Medical Association.