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Alexander Stein, Ph.D.

Alexander Stein PhD is Founder and Managing Principal of Dolus Advisors, a New York-based risk and psychodynamic intelligence analysis consultancy, and also a Principal in the Boswell Group. Dr. Stein consults to CEOs, entrepreneurs, and boards in a broad array of industries and sectors around the world, combining insightful counsel with practical strategies to productively address challenging leadership, senior team, culture, and governance issues. He has extensive experience in leadership development, boardroom and senior team dynamics, senior-level hiring assessments, expansion, succession, partnership negotiation and conflict resolution, and enterprise innovation. His approach pivots on optimizing decision-making and problem-solving through understanding the psychodynamic underpinnings of motivation and behavior, and is founded in the view that leaders who are psychologically in tune–resilient, aware, communicative–have an unmatchable competitive advantage.

In addition to his executive advisory practice, Dr. Stein is widely regarded as a leading authority in the psychology of fraud and is a groundbreaking specialist in complex human factor dynamics in institutional fraud, risk management, and high-value multinational asset recovery. In 2010, Dr. Stein launched Dolus Advisors in a working partnership with members of FraudNet, a global network of lawyers in 60 countries specializing in fraud litigation and asset recovery. To assist in the ferocious battle for reclamation of value wrongfully taken from the victims of fraud, Dr. Stein developed a suite of innovative methodologies for strategically piercing and decoding the complex human ecosystems constituting the fraudster’s controlled and veiled organizations and networks of affiliates and co-conspirators. He is currently an embedded team member with the lead fraud and asset recovery counsel for a portfolio of bankruptcy estates from São Paulo, Brazil, where the average loss by fraud in each case exceeds US$1 billion.

In institutional fraud and corruption scenarios, DCFA can deploy a full spectrum of proprietary defense, redress, reconstitution, due diligence, and risk management programs, delivering cutting edge enhancements over conventional compliance-centric and algorithmic-oriented protocols in detecting, deterring, addressing, and recovering from fraud or other forms of white-collar malfeasance.

A widely published thought leader on a range of topics relating to fraud and risk as well as the psychological dimensions of entrepreneurship, leadership, and influence, Dr. Stein is a former monthly columnist for FORTUNE Small Business, CNN/Money, and CBS Business News. His work has been featured and cited in many national and international publications, including Fast Company, INC, Financier Worldwide, The New York Times, Asset Recovery Watch, The FraudNet Report, and O Estado do São Paulo, and is the author of Warfare of the Mind: Innovations and Strategic Applications in the Psychology of Fraud in the 2nd Edition of the FraudNet World Compendium of Asset Tracing and Recovery. An engaging speaker adept at accessibly communicating complexity, he is a frequent keynoter and panelist; notable recent presentations include FraudNet, Offshore Alert, The International Association for Asset Recovery, INSOL (Hong Kong), The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, and The International Fraud & Asset Recovery and Trans-Border Bankruptcy Cooperation Congresses held annually in São Paulo, Brazil.

Dr. Stein holds Master’s and Doctoral degrees in psychoanalysis and is a New York State-licensed and nationally certified psychoanalyst. He serves on the advisory board of Catchafire, a for-profit social mission B-Corp, and has acted as the Founder/CEO’s primary leadership advisor since Catchafire’s inception.