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Jennifer A. Messina, Ph.D.

With nearly 20 years of clinical and consulting experience, Dr. Jennifer Messina has collaborated with leaders and their teams across a range of industries to actualize their potential, enhance communication, and promote positive change across their organizations. She has helped build thriving teams for innovate business units, supported organizational restructuring, managed generational transitions in family businesses, and facilitated conflict resolution across senior leadership teams. She has also worked closely with individuals striving to maximize their effectiveness, improve interpersonal dynamics, and ensure they meet their professional goals.

Jen’s competence-based approach is highly interpersonal – striving to harness and build health and positivity in individuals and systems. She brings a strong understanding of organizational dynamics and a flexible, collaborative style that drives meaningful change across leadership teams and within individuals. With warmth and humor, she integrates wisdom from research and practice to collaborate with her clients to help them flourish.

Jen is very interested in applying her competence-based approach proactively to help professional woman actualize their goals.  Toward that end, she is developing The FORTE Project, which is designed to help women map their individual paths with clarity, strength and vision. This initiative will ultimately include a guidebook, trainings and individual and group coaching designed to ensure women ask themselves the key questions they need to contemplate in order to navigate their own path. FORTE is about mentoring women to utilize their strengths to crystalize their vision, operate with intentionality and accomplish their professional goals.

A graduate of Dartmouth College, Jen obtained her masters and doctorate degrees in Clinical Psychology from the University of Virginia. Jen completed an internship at Duke University Medical Center and a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Virginia. She is the author of Fig & Birch, a blog designed to help people navigate change and growth in their lives so that they can thrive regardless of the inconvenient adventures of life. Jen is the founder of Messina Leadership Advising and a Principal with the Boswell Group.